Life Happens

Wow! Life has been eventful to say the least. Over the past couple of weeks our family has increased by a daughter-in-law and a new little grandson. When God said “go forth and multiply,” my family took it to heart. It seems that every year we increase by at least one at the Hood Christmas. This year including my new little great niece, Abrianna, we have at least three new members to enjoy. (I say at least because the year is not over yet, and you just never know what may happen between now and then!) My Paw Paw Moore used to look at my Maw Maw chuckling saying, “just look at how much trouble this one little ring caused.” He would really be amazed if he could see us all now.

Mr. & Mrs. Hester

Mr. Tripp Tyler Sheffield

Life truly does slip by in lightening speed. Watching Ryan as he waited for his bride to walk down the stairs, my heart saw the man that he has become. A couple of weeks later watching my little grandson, Randy, being introduced to his little brother for the first time, my mind comprehended how much of a little boy he now is. Both instances stung my heart simultaneously with joy and sadness…joy for the blessing of knowing the good things ahead for both, and sadness that it had taken for too short a time to reach these milestones.

This knowledge struck me with how precious little time I have to make my mark on the lives placed in my path. As a young mother I felt I had forever to become who I needed to be for my children. But time has passed and here they are, all grown up and making their own impressions on this world. I failed many times as a Mom and a Step-Mom, and I am sure I will make mistakes as a grandmother and mother-in-law as well. My hope and prayer is that in the final tally of it all, when each of these precious ones God has placed in my life thinks of me, I will have lived my life in such a way that all they can remember is my steadfast, unconditional love.


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Hello everyone. My name is Cindy Hester. I have a lot on my heart to share, much of which has already been posted on my site. I hope you will enjoy visiting that site as well as the blog info I share on WordPress. I have much life experience to share. I was reared in the loving home of an Aggie Baptist preacher and his beautiful bride, Gracie. I married at a young age to my high school sweetheart. As the result of an unhealthy, abusive relationship, I found myself to be a divorced mother of three teen and pre-teen children at the ripe old age of 35. I re-married four years later to a good man who was rearing his two children. I have been through the challenge of combining families, losing a precious father, and coming to grips with real issues of real children from divorced families. My faith has been tested and has not always come out on top at the moment. I have learned, however, there is a God who loves, cares, and understands all that I face, and He is not afraid to stand by my side in the midst of the storm. I love reminiscing about the past…a past that my children will never have access to due to the major swing in technological and social advances. I hope you enjoy these writings, and I pray you will find my subject matter worthwhile enough to purchase in books someday. Thank you for taking the time to hear what is on my mind. I hope it blesses you in some special way. Cindy Hester (aka Mom, Mommerella, Cinderella, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend, Co-Worker…)

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