Archive | November 2011

Almost Thanksgiving

by Cindy Hester

Wow, it is almost Thanksgiving. It is amazing how the world moves on seemingly oblivious of your absence despite the tremendous mark you left on it. I’ve been pouring over pictures from last Thanksgiving. How could we have known you would not be with us this year? If I had known, would I have done anything differently? One thought immediately comes to mind. I wish I had taken more time to savor the moments of that special day. I wish I had slowed my pace and captured my thoughts to live more in the moment…to worry less about the insignificant things…to focus on each word, each gesture, and each expression on your face. I wish I had lingered a moment longer whenever you hugged my neck in welcome.

With that said, I am so grateful to have the memories of last Thanksgiving and the many Thanksgivings before. I am thankful you were and still are a part of my life. I am blessed to know that to be absent on this earth is to be present with the Lord. I am fortunate to share your memory with a family who enjoys keeping that memory alive through stories of love, laughter and shared experiences.

I am sure that every day is Thanksgiving in heaven. I look forward to someday knowing the inexplicable joy you now experience. Until then, may I never take moments shared with family and friends here on this earth for granted. Lord, help me to live in the moment…focusing on each word, each gesture, each expression on the faces of those dear to my heart. And help me to linger a moment longer when giving and receiving those hugs of welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving.

This piece is dedicated to all my dear friends who lost their parents this past year. Please know that my heart is with you, especially this Thanksgiving.