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The Chance to Increase my Circle of Love

I am going to be a Maw Maw to a new, sweet little one who should be here just in time to celebrate Christmas with us. This will be our third grandbaby, and I could not be happier. John and Chelsey blessed our lives with an incredible little human being who loves with all of his being, finds joy in most all things. Well, those eye teeth were a little hard to endure…and it breaks his heart whenever he can’t “hold Paw Paw”…and he’s definitely not happy whenever he has to get out of Paw Paw’s boat (he does love that boat!) But in most things, he is a smiling, loving little boy who enjoys sharing that love with everyone he comes in contact with. So I am so anxious to meet this next little person and get to know and love her (or him) for the precious little creation from God he or she is becoming.

Ryan and Tiffany are also expecting a little girl in August. Sweet little Holly (I am not sure of the spelling just yet). I am sad that she will be born so far away in Chicago, but we are in the process of getting a program that will let us do online calls so that we can her and she can see us so that she will be able to recognize us whenever she gets to come for a visit. I just know that it will be so hard to see her and not get to hold her and give her kisses right away. But that will come in time. She already has a special place in our hearts.

I am soaking it all in, amazed at how life comes full circle. Having grandchildren opens up an entirely new level of opportunity to have an influence and leave my mark on this old world. I can leave memories with them in a way that no one else can. My grandparents gave me such unconditional love. They were not perfect, but whenever me, my brother and sisters and my cousins were in their presence, we each felt like we were the most important person in the world. Their world either stopped for us, or we were included in the activities they could not put off until we had gone home. They taught me about life, love, faith and caring for others who needed my help. As grandparents, they had the luxury of stopping to play with us, to sit on the front porch in the cool of the evenings to listen to the birds, the crickets and Mrs. Abbot play her piano a house or so down the road. We drank “coffe milk” and ate buscuits in the kitchen each morning we were visiting, listening to the late Mr. Dewey Compton give gardening tips on the radio. We were told bedtime stories about Mrs Bruno; stories that developed from my grandmother’s imagination each time she told a new story at bedtime. We helped with small chores around the house (very small chores, and we were probably very little help). When we were done, Paw Paw awarded us with a quarter, a cold, orange Sunkist Soda and the best Orange, Vanilla, Pineapple ice cream. The orange Sunkist came in glass bottles, and the pineapple ice cream was in a plain, brown carton having been scooped fresh at the corner general store at the blinking light in downtown Leggett. My Maw Maw could take a Montgomery Ward’s catalogue, a box and a pair of scissors and create a doll house complete with a family.

These are only a few of the millions of memories they left me…and this is only one set of my grandparents. My point is, they shaped my life in so many positive ways that grandparents have the freedom and time to enjoy doing. I am so blessed to try and pass this love and happiness down to my grandchildren. I already love them more than they will ever know.